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Work Ethic Essay Sample

Hard working attitude Essay Sample Article on Work Ethic Hard working attitudes is accepted to be a thought that work, difficult work and constancy, has a positive result. They additionally accept that an individual ought to organize work and work just so as to carry on with an effective life. Some may differ on this yet there are individuals who truly cause their lives to rotate around working. Being an obsessive worker isn't terrible yet on some point, this quality can turn into an issue in light of the fact that a lot of work can prompt disorder. It is alright to fill in as long as you take great consideration of yourself. A solid hard working attitude is required so as to endure a real existence that is focused in carrying out your responsibility. Coming up next are the main ten hard working attitudes. At the point when you enter an occupation the primary amazing move you will take is by and large consistently on schedule and never be missing. Participation is one of the most significant variables when a business searches for a representative. At the point when an individual is late numerous things are squandered and it isn't useful for the business. You will never locate a supervisor who needs their worker to be in every case late. This will dazzle and motivate your colleagues and your chief. Each organization puts stock in the platitude that the quickest to get down to business will have an advantage on all competitors so an early worker will be the most beneficial. The subsequent one is the character of a representative. The character of an individual is significant in the working environment since it will decide their association with his partners. It is critical to such an extent that an individual has a decent disposition so he can coexist with his collaborators and the activ ity will be done without any problem. The third one is collaboration; this is appropriate to an individual or a gathering of individuals. Collaboration is unquestionably required in light of the fact that some activity requires coordination between more individuals. It will likewise show how an individual will impart to the next to complete a specific assignment. The fourth quality is the appearance; here and there looks truly matters. On the off chance that you will see, some activity posts incorporate satisfying character as a necessity. Individuals in the business world needs individuals who are satisfactory glancing so as to convince the customers and persuade them that their organization has genuine business on the grounds that their representatives look sufficiently adequate to be accepted. It doesn't really imply that the individual should pass the standard of lovely; the person simply should be satisfactory. Next one is a demeanor, much the same as character it shows how an individual demonstrations towards the others. Extreme occasions will likewise test someone’s disposition on how the person in question will respond in an issue. The 6th quality is efficiency; it is something that makes a business keeps their worker. A gainful individual consistently takes care of business even before the cutoff time. The sorts of individuals who are profitable are useful for the organization on the grounds that the compensation given to them are for the most part justified, despite all the trouble. Different characteristics incorporate authoritative aptitudes, correspondence, participation, and regard. Authoritative abilities are required on the grounds that it will cause an individual to do their activity in the least demanding manner conceivable. Correspondence is required in any field of the work environment since this is the thing that causes individuals to see one another. On the off chanc e that a representative doesn't have the foggiest idea how to convey, the person in question won't have the option to bestow their thoughts and that may cause the organization a major misfortune. Collaboration is significant in light of the fact that when a worker isn't participating the activity won't be finished. Last yet not the least is a regard for one another. Without regard, the activity won't be done effectively. Everyone should regard each other paying little mind to their race, age, sexual orientation, and religion. Regard ought to be given and not requested in light of the fact that it is something that is offered to an individual without anything consequently. The entirety of the referenced characteristics ought to be shown by an individual who needs to work with solid morals. On the off chance that an individual has those characteristics, the person will without a doubt remain in the activity the individual loves. The drive of an individual to make something fruitful will make the person in question objectives work out as expected. The solid hard working attitudes is nothing without difficult work and persistence in carrying out the responsibility.

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Winter Dreams Essays (480 words) - Araby, The Lottery, Paragraph

Winter Dreams Last Paper Question #1 A. In the opening of the story, James Joyce deliberately depicted the hero's neighborhood and environmental factors in two sections. As he utilized genuine names like North Richmond Street and Christian siblings School, therefore by perusing the primary section, perusers can make sense of a guide of the network in which the hero lived. At that point he proceeded to lead us to the late clerics drawing room. The point by point portrayal of the room engaged our faculties. Following the strides of the hero, the perusers can smell the smelly demeanor of the room, see the littered kitchen, contact the twist and soggy books found in the kitchen. This reasonable depiction empowers the peruser to relate to the characters of the story. The initial two sections set up a dark still environment, which was normal to Dublin's neighborhoods nowadays. The kid is introduced to us as a knick-knacks kid that finds one detail after the other in his new house (the rusted bike siphon, the books...); He is searching for something in his life. The reality he enjoyed one book over the other on the grounds that his pages were yellow suggest to us he isn't full grown enough yet to see things under the surface yet just intrigued of the things above. The road he lives in is a visually impaired road. This additionally infers of the hero's visual impairment that is being edified toward the finish of the story and out of nowhere observes things in an unexpected way. B. The Lottery By Shirley Jackson- The initial hardly any lines in The Lottery, set up an altogether different air then the one built up in ?Araby?. In the primary section Jackson portrays the ?reasonable and bright? June morning with the ?new warmth of a full-summer day?. The mind-set is idealistic as should be obvious and everything is by all accounts simply great (in inverse of reality censured before us toward the end). In the primary passage we can feel through Jackson's composing the warm sunrays contacting us. We can smell the blossoms that are ?blooming plentifully? what's more, can paint the ?luxuriously green grass? in our brains. The individuals show up in the main section as ?locals assembling in the square? for a great reason as the lottery. In first perusing, we have a solid sentiment of satisfaction noticeable all around. It is just at second perusing that we begin asking our selves inquiries about the primary section, for example, for what reason are the kids picking stones and for what reason does the lottery takes two hours and even a couple of days in different towns. In inverse to ?Araby? which has a dim night environment all through the entire story and closures with the illuminated of the kid, the story starts with light and finishes with profundity/obscurity. Question #2 I decided to think about the kid in ?Araby? to the kid (and later man) of F.Scott Fitzgerald's ?Winter Dreams?. English Essays

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Word of the Week! Sojourn Richmond Writing

Word of the Week! Sojourn Richmond Writing Many of my readers will soon take a vacation or, if British, a holiday. Some will study abroad or go on sabbatical (a future Word of the week). All of these temporary absences count as a sojourn, a nice word for this time of year. Im currently finishing my sojourn to J.R.R. Tolkiens Middle Earth, one I have taken every decade since my early teens. Usage is really old for this word. The OED records several Fourteen Century examples, most with variant spellings. The etymology sketched out includes a few Romance languages but not any Latin term, though at Etymology Online theres an hypothesis that our word comes from the vulgar Latin  subdiurnare  to spend the day. All definitions refer to either a temporary stay somewhere, the place itself, or merely a digression. Thus for me, my year in Madrid was a sojourn before starting graduate school, yet Segovia nearby was itself a quiet sojourn from the hectic life of the Spanish metropolis. Graduates, what of your gap year before the grind of working life? You will never forget that sojourn. For the rest of you, as the humidity in Virginia rises in June and continues through August, where will your sojourn be? How long will you be away? And what do you bring back from that temporary change of scenery? Finally, can   you find a sojourn in the pages of a book or while watching a film? At present, my sojourn is with Frodo Baggins in Middle Earth, as real an imaginary place as any in fiction. Keep in mind that at the end of Lord of the Rings, Frodo makes not a sojourn but a permanent departure for the uttermost West, across the ocean. He will never return. But I hope you will! Please nominate a word or metaphor useful in academic writing by e-mailing me (jessid -at- richmond -dot- edu) or leaving a comment below. See all of our Metaphors of the Month  here  and Words of the Week  here. Map of Middle Earth courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

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Example Sentences Using the Verb Go for ESL

If English students are going to memorize irregular verb forms, theyll need to include the verb go. These example sentences offer go in all tenses, including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms. Youll notice that there are many tenses where there is no form of go. Test your knowledge with the quiz at the end. Basic Verb Form Conjugations Base Form: goPast Simple: wentPresent Participle: goingPast Participle: goneGerund: goingInfinitive: to go Present Tenses Present Simple: Peter goes to church on Sundays.Present Continuous: We are going shopping soon.Present Perfect: Peter has gone to the bank.Present Perfect Continuous: Susan has been going to classes for three weeks. Present Tenses With No "Go" In the present tense, the simple passive, continuous passive, and perfect passive verb forms do not have conjugation for go. Past Tenses Past Simple: Alexander went to Denver last week.Past Continuous: We were going to visit some friends but decided not to go.Past Perfect: They had already gone to the show so we didnt go.Past Perfect Continuous: We had been going to that school for a few weeks when it was chosen as the best school in the city. Past Tenses Missing "Go" As with the present tense, several past tenses lack a version of go, and they are all passive. These are the past simple passive, continuous passive, and perfect passive. Future Tenses Future (will): Jennifer will go to the meeting.Future (going to): Peter is going to go to the show tonight.Future Continuous: We will be going to dinner this time tomorrow.Future Perfect: She will have gone to visit her parents by the time you arrive.Future Possibility: Jack might go out this weekend. Future Tenses Without "Go" There are no future passive go tenses, either using will or going to. Conditional and Modal Tenses Real Conditional: If she goes to the meeting, I will attend.Unreal Conditional: If she went to the meeting, I would attend.Past Unreal Conditional: If she had gone to the meeting, I would have attended.Present Modal: You should go out tonight.Past Modal: They might have gone out for the evening. Quiz: Conjugate With Go Use the verb to go to conjugate the following sentences. Quiz answers are below. In some cases, more than one answer may be correct. Peter _____ to the bank.Alexander _____ to Denver last week.They _____ already _____ to the show so we didnt go.Jennifer _____ to the meeting.If she _____ to the meeting, I will attend.We _____ but decided not to go after all.Peter _____ to church on Sundays.Susan _____ to classes for three weeks.Peter _____ to the show tonight.She _____ to visit her parents by the time you arrive. Quiz Answers has gonewenthad gonewill gogoeswere going to gogoeshas been goingis going to gowill have gone

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Why You Should Use Table Topics in Your Adult Education Classroom

Teachers of adults, whether they are corporate trainers or adult education instructors, know that adults learn differently than children and come to the classroom with lots to talk about. These students have life experience and want meaningful conversation, not superficial chit-chat. When discussion is a big part of your reason for being in the classroom, use Table TopicsTM to break the ice and help people engage. Then you can move easily into your planned topic. There are several different versions of Table TopicsTM, each with 135 questions in a four-inch acrylic cube. Pass the cube around and ask your students to pick a card or two, or sort them in advance, choosing the cards that apply to your lesson plan. Pros Great questions that eliminate superficial chatter and start meaningful conversations.Conversation from just one question can last an hour. It takes a long time to work through one cube.The question cards are made of a sturdy cardboard, so theyll stay nice a long time.There are several versions in different categories.The acrylic cube looks modern, and maybe a bit hip, sitting on your coffee table at home or on your classroom shelf. Cons Each cube costs $25, a little hefty for some wallets.If youre a traveling trainer, the cubes are on the weighty side, two pounds each, but the company does make travel versions. Description Four-inch clear acrylic cube.135 conversation-starting questions.A variety of categories from which to choose. Expert Review I picked up my first box of Table TopicsTM on a whim while shopping in one of those funky little shops you see in the artsy parts of any city. A four-inch clear acrylic cube holds 135 cards, each with a provocative question that is sure to inspire lively conversation. I bought the Original cube. It has questions like: What would you most like to do for someone else if you had the money and time?What fashion trend you followed was very cool then, but now looks ridiculous?If you could have any view from your back porch, what would it be? Tim and I still talk about the conversations that were inspired the first evening we opened the cube. He talked about his most memorable meal at Mothers in New Orleans. Were heading back soon to recreate that experience. Since then, Ive purchased the Gourmet and Spirit cubes. The Gourmet cube is fun if youre a foodie like Tim. Its full of questions like: Do you have a food philosophy?To what degree do you eat local, organic, sustainably grown food?Which cooking shows do you watch? Some people can talk about food forever. This cube is for them. The Spirit cube has more questions that I would consider religious rather than spiritual, so there are some I put back without answering, which is usually against my own personal rules, but there are also some very good ones: What makes something sacred?Is there value in suffering?Would you like to know how and when youll die? The Original cube is clearly my favorite. Its scope is broader and its topics are ones more appropriate for a general group of people, especially those who are strangers. In the classroom, unless youre teaching a specific topic covered by Table TopicsTM, Id go with the Original cube. Be sure to check out the Table Topics ice breaker!

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The Effects Of Premarital Sex On Children And Young Adults

Innocence Lost When God created man and woman, his sole purpose was for them to be fruitful and multiply. Sex was created by God and meant for marriage. Therefore, woman valued their chastity and would not do a disservice to their bodies. Premarital sex should not be practice because it leads to unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and loss of innocence. In 1275, England established the age of consent to be 12 to prevent older men from ravishing the young maidens to ensure their chastity remained undamaged until marriage (Age of Consent).† Although the age of consent law is confusing† the most important matter is to keep our children and young adults safe (Age of Consent) The sexual terrain of the mid-1960s, the†¦show more content†¦Today, its children who do not have a father in the home and are being raised by their mother or grandparents. The rate of illegitimate births in the United States has risen sharply since the early 1970s. In the 1940s fewer than five percent of the total births were out of wedlock. By the early 2000s, according to statistics compiled by the Center for Health Statistics at the U.S. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT , births to unmarried mothers accounted for nearly one-third of all U.S. births(Batten 353-356.) To indulge in premarital sex, leaves a woman heartbroken when the man who fathered the child refuse to take responsibility for that child leaving the child fatherless. In addition to having sex outside of marriage is the sexual transmitted diseases that a young lady or man may contract if they are not using protection. Even though condoms are not always effective at preventing pregnancies or contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV (Warner). Therefore, we should teach are children to hold on to their innocence until marriage. Furthermore, as parents and the community at large we ought to be teaching are children Gods Word because it is not only instructions on how to live in this fallen world it is also for our protection. Although we can teach are children abstinence we must look at the bigger picture that are children and young adults areShow MoreRelatedThe Benefits Of Premarital Sex And Divorce968 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscuss the emotional benefits of knowing you have someone who loves you and who would take care of you. Children similarly benefit from having married parents as there are more financial resources available to help take care of them and they get to spend more time with at least one parent. Furthermore, it has been found that in addition to contributing to marital instability, premarital sex increases the likelihood that a couple will divorce. Joan Kahn and Kathryn London found that virgin bridesRead MoreEffects of a Non-Traditional Family on Children1745 Words   |  7 Pagesparents divorce, the children are left with no stability causing them to lose basic concepts of childhood that may carry with them throughout life. Children of divorced parents have less success and happiness creating less productive citizens in our nation. Watching parents take a home from a traditional family lifestyle to a broken home by getting a divorce is very devastating to a childs mental well-being. As Judith Seltzer notes, Recent reviews summarize evidence that children are emotionallyRead More Effects Of A Non-Traditional Family On Children Essay1735 Words   |  7 Pagesparents divorce, the children are left with no stability causing them to lose basic concepts of childhood that may carry with them throughout life. Children of divorced parents have less success and happiness creating less productive citizens in our nation. Watching parents take a home from a traditional family lifestyle to a broken home by getting a divorce is very devastating to a childs mental well-being. As Judith Seltzer notes, Recent reviews summarize evidence that children are emotionallyRead MoreEssay about The Issue of Sexually Active Young Teens713 Words   |  3 Pagessignificant problem we should look at is regarding sexually active young teens. It seems that almost every teen is sexually active. They are having sex at such a early age. A question that rings in our minds, is do they truly even know what sex is? Growing up, Catholic teachings instructed myself to wait until marriage. They say premarital sex is a sin. Now, not only are churches teaching abstinence, but, schools as well. Premarital sex is a important growing problem: that usually results in a unwantedRead MorePremarital Sex And Its Effect On Society2946 Words   |  12 Pagessituation where a young teenage girl has premarital sex due to the influence of her friends and ends up pregnant. Her friends blame her for getting pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her, pregnant and alone. She is ridiculed, talked about and has to walk the halls at school with the evidence under her shirt while her ex walks around like nothing happened. Society views sex as an average thing for people to do when they are single, young and have no responsibilities. Premarital sex is often encouragedRead MoreSex Education Is Not Just About Sex1620 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Sex education in not just about sex. It includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexuality and others that parents often feel uncomfortable talking with their children†(Sex Education in Schools Pros and Cons). Sex education does not start when someone is sexual active, but mostly in Elementry School when the students have no idea what the teacher is saying. However, in today’s world sex is all around from movie posters to magazines. Perhaps teaching children how toRead MoreHiv And Its Effects On The United States1440 Words   |  6 PagesHalf of all new human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV infections in the United States and two thirds of all sexually transmitted diseases (STD) occur among young people under the age of 25 (Starkman, Rajani). It’s estimated that by the end of high school, nearly two thirds of American’s youth are sexually active, and one in five has had four or more sexual partners (Starkman, Rajani). Despite these alarming statistics, less than half of all public schools in the United States offer informationRead MoreSexuality And Gender Relationship Values1874 Words   |  8 Pages Sexuality and Gender Relationship Values in Young Adulthood Michelle Moreno Union Institute and University Human Growth and Development CPM 506 Dr. Andrew Vengrove August 16, 2014 Abstract This scholarly paper focuses on sexuality and relationship values in young adulthood. It will draw mostly on the relationship values of gender, marriage, and sexual orientation. Other than for procreation, very little research has been done that has not involved western cultures. Because of this lack ofRead MoreSexuality : The Behavioral And Sociological Theory Essay1587 Words   |  7 PagesHuman sexuality is a common phrase for all, and anything, pertaining to the feelings and behaviors of sex for the human race. Sexuality has been a topic that has been discussed and studied for as far back as 1000 years B.C. and is still being studied today. As the discussion of sexuality has progressed through history, theories have been created based on research and experiments that scholars have implemented, based on their own perceptions of human behavior. Out of the many theories that pose to

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Shearwater Case Study free essay sample

Shearwater Adventures is an adventures tour operator in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It specializes in rafting, canoeing, and kayaking on the Zambezi River. This river is the fourth largest river in the African continent. The company grew to dominate the â€Å"Adventure† market in Victoria Falls. As a result of this expansion, Shearwater Adventures became the most well known adventure-tour operator in the continent of Africa. This expansion occurred while the company was under the leadership of Robert Allen who joined Shearwater ten years ago. He began as a photographer with friend Mark Davis taking pictures and videos of the rafting trips. He went on to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) after Davis’ departure. Shearwater was number one in the market. Regardless of their dominance in the Victoria Falls area and their position as leaders in the market, Shearwater adventures had to face the competition. They had to continue dominating while maintaining their reputation as a successful and profitable outdoor adventures operators. To achieve their established goals, Allen Roberts and his management team created different strategies in order to compete efficiently and to maintain their leader position. QUESTION 1: The fundamental strategies in 2006: First of all, the company was counting on its name and reputation since the word of mouth played an important role in new sales. Also, the goal of the Shearwater Adventures was to achieve repeat bookings from satisfied customers, maximize profit and increase their market share. Shearwater Adventures established partnerships and acquisitions with leading Tour Operators such as Jenman African Safaris to boost their reputation and to gain business. Acquisitions that have increased their competitive scope and profitability in the long run. Advertising is obviously key to attracting tourists who are confused about their choice concerning an adventure activity. The continuation of an advertising program was primordial for the company. The fundamental fact of their success and strength that made the company is the level of differentiation. Indeed, in comparison to their competitors, Shearwater Adventures differentiate themselves by offering far more activities than the competitors. This allows customers to have a wide range of choices from rafting trips to lion encounters. Meanwhile, most competitors offer more or less 3 options: white water rafting, boating and elephant riding. By offering more than the competitors, Shearwater created a competitive advantage by bringing customers what competitors could not. As a result, Shearwater remains a leader in the market and competitors will have no other choice than to design and create a new adventure. Otherwise, they could also copy Shearwaters products and services. In addition to its several activities, Shearwater offers packages allowing customers to choose from a selection of activities for one price. Through a differentiation strategy, and by distinguishing itself, Shearwater obtained a competitive advantage. This allowed Roberts to maintain his position in the market. As a result of these strategies, from 2004 to 2006 the number of guests increased from 26,351 to 41,868 as well as the revenue. QUESTION 2: Perform a 5-forces analysis of Shearwater’s competitive environment. FORCE 1: Rivalry among competing sellers The industry is ranges from around $400 $500 million, however this industry is fragmented: that is to say, it is spread worldwide in relation to areas offering the chance to perform such activities. There are many competitors: Over 40 areas of activities (i. e. kayaking, safari trips, extreme sports). Locations are all over the world and there are over 250,000 operators that compete in the same â€Å"outdoor activity† market. Yet, operators, such as Shearwater, focus on the local level when it comes to competing. Zimbabwe’s political and economical instability. Though Zimbabwe’s tourism had declined by 75% and inflation was at 1,200% Shearwater continued to be the market leader in the area with an 80% share market. It had managed to increase sales by 22 and 39% percent in the last couple of years. Shearwater dominates in Victoria Falls and become the most well known adventure tour in all of Africa. Even though Shearwater is the leader, companies have partnered up in acquisitions, associations and networks with other businesses in order to increase their market share. Rivalry among competitors is high. FORCE 2: Threat of New Entry For small businesses to enter the industry, the cost may be as low as $20,000 for a single activity operation. For larger, full-service operations a large entry cost of $200,000 is estimated. It may be difficult to start an operation in the U. S. because of cost of permits and government, state or municipal regulations. However, installing a new company is Southern Africa (for example Zimbabwe and other surrounding countries) is quite feasible for new operators in the market. We must continue to take into consideration the current economical and political instability of Zimbabwe for those organizations attempting to enter this market There is a certain â€Å"Experience Curve† path that a new company may experience. It is important for management to be thoroughly aware of every detail concerning operations and financial matters, as well as the local market. This experience may take some time to acquire. On top of that, a new competitor should realize that it would be competing with other brands (especially Shearwater) that have an already established notoriety, a client list and advertising distributors. Threat of entry is relatively moderate. FORCE 3: Threat of Substitute Products This is an â€Å"Outdoors/ Extreme Activities† Market. The necessary ingredients to create this service involve irreplaceable factors such as: waterfalls, natural water rapids, mountains, fresh air, nature, scenery, etc. There are new activities that may be though of, however those would go directly into competition, and would not be considered as substitutes. Threat of Substitute Products is low. FORCE 4: Bargaining Power of Suppliers The nature of the service supplied is not a commodity, and cannot be reproduced or duplicated. Even though suppliers reach the 250,000 mark worldwide, these operators are vastly spread out concerning the nature of the activity. White water rafting for instance, requires a location with a water body, waterfalls, rapids, wild outdoors settings and beautiful sceneries, among other things. The company can only go as far as supplying the equipment needed to ride these waters. The only way operators may integrate backwards is if they decide to produce their own equipment and trained professionals. However, this would only be a good strategy if the costs were less than what they already pay to suppliers. Given the type of activity offered, there is a small chance of supply shortage. The Bargaining Power of Suppliers is moderately high. FORCE 5: Bargaining Power of Buyers The demand for this industry is moderately sized. The target age in the industry was from mid 40’s to early 50’s. These people had the drive to stay â€Å"young at heart† and the available income to fulfill these desires. Until recently, the media has created an awareness of adventurous locations, and their desire to explore them increased. They may only integrate backwards by buying their own equipment and training themselves on outdoor skills. However, since most of the consumers are over the age of 40, this seems to be a bit of a challenge. Although Shearwater advertised locally and partnering with tour operators, the local community seems to have a certain amount of power over the promotion of this company. It has progressively gained notoriety, and Roberts should be mindful that should he upset the community, they may bad mouth his business. The Bargaining Power of Buyers is moderate. QUESTION 3: What are the KSFs for competing in the Extreme Adventure Sporting Industry? There are several variables that have had a direct impact on the effectiveness of Shearwater’s business. The specific factors that underlie the success of Shearwater Adventures are: Brand Recognition. The company relied on its name to achieve their goal of repeat bookings, and cooperation with other companies (e. g., tour operators) for cross-selling opportunities could offer them a higher probability to gain exposure and business. Strong Leadership Management: Mike Davis and Allen Roberts were excellent entrepreneurs. Their leadership, particularly Roberts’ role as Shearwater’s CEO after Davis left, played a critical role in enabling Shearwater to dominate the outdoor adventure market. Favorable Destination: Opening an outdoor adventure company in the United States is difficult due to the cost of permits, so opening an adventure operation in South Africa was more attractive and cost-effective. Strategic Partnerships: Strategic partnerships played an important role in Shearwater’s successful growth, since â€Å"Industry leaders were partnering through acquisitions, organized associations, and reseller networks in order to increase repeat bookings from satisfied customers. † Strategic Advertising Marketing: Their goal was to target and direct customers at the start of their vacation. Shearwater engaged in intense local advertising to attract a large number of newly arriving tourists who had not chosen an adventure. This allowed it to attract a large share of newly arriving, non-committed tourists. Variety of Activities Offered: Larger variety of outdoor adventures activities was a strong differentiation for Shearwater. Most competitors had a limited number of activities, making Shearwater superior in the local market. Companies that could offer a variety of activities had a much higher probability of gaining repeat business. Pricing Strategy: Bundling activities that allowed customers to choose from a selection of activities for one price was highly attractive and added to the company’s value and success. Cross-Selling Opportunities: Shearwater’s expansion into related business activities, like tourist transportation, lodging, and video photos, allowed the company to cross-sell and increase its sales revenue through these related business segments. Community Support: Support from locals was also an important reason for the company’s success, as it added credibility to the company. It enabled smooth operations for Shearwater, increased its reputation, and thus increasing its strength in the industry. Skilled Qualified Team: Through Allen Roberts’ leadership, he continued to build a solid management team due to his knack for attracting the right person for the right job. These 10 Key Success Factors have contributed to the growth and success of Shearwater Adventures, and has continued to make them a current market leader in the outdoor adventures industry in the Victoria Falls area. 4. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Located in the touristic area of the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Shearwater is considered to be the giant leader of the area (with 80% market share), in fact leader of all Africa. Company driven by a knowledgeable and experienced  manager, Allen Roberts â€Å"Industry image†, extreme sports are seen as a way to enjoy time away from hectic lives (average age of customers between 40s and 50s) Shearwater Adventures LTD. offers a wider range of activities then competitors (at least 11 activities against 3 for competitors) Possibility to organize both individual trips and packages (e. g. â€Å"Ticket to Adventure† package, where you can make huge savings and choose what you want to do and when) Strong local level awareness, â€Å"Word Of Mouth† has helped increase sales Entertainment Media helps increase popularity of the industry (Fear Factor, ESPN, Survivor etc. Improved equipment quality Weaknesses: Although Shearwater Adventures have 80% of the market share, competition is tough enough for company to worry about continuing market domination while maintaining its reputation as a â€Å"successful outdoor adventures operator† The company clearly has a tight budget, â€Å"Roberts and his management team had already cut Shearwater’s expenses to the bone and had given up their company cars for motorbikes†. Weak global level awareness, as companies looked to grow their market share and increase customer base on a local level (global level seemed ore of an obstacle) It appears that outdoor activities companies must deal with aging equipment and older owners when company reaches its maturity Opportunities: The Shearwater Adventures LTD. can link up with international travel companies for purposes such as gaining international awareness and prepaid guaranteed reservation Implement a better advertising plan for repeat bookings and cross-selling Maybe the business should consider acquiring other companies? Creating a new venture to attract a younger crowd Threats: Zimbabwe’s economical and political instability has caused a 75% decrease of the country’s tourism and inflation was 1200% causing prices to double every 22 days Competitors might offer a wider range of activities as it is relatively inexpensive and there are enough ventures to copy Shearwater or add new adventures 5. Provide recommendations concerning Shearwaters future strategy As we know Shearwater is already the leading company in the adventure/extreme industry for the contient, logically, the main question will be how to improve when you are already the number one or at least, how to stay number one? Buying Companies the idea of buying companies was from Allen Roberts himself and was, from my point of view, one of the most intresting. Buying companies allow you to kill the competition (within the area) and in the meantime to increase your market share by absorbing the competitors. In the other hand Shearwater will need a substantial amount of money for this type of investments, money that they may not be able to collect. Despite the financial factors, integrating competitors to the company will allow Mr Roberts to create his own rivalry in the Victorias fall area, allowing to expend, generate more revenues while controlling the all business. Targeting Market Segment The actual targeted segment, people who are â€Å"mid 40s to early 50† are certainly interested in lion encounter or safary but maybe less by more extreme sports such as kayaking or rafting. By focusing on this market segment they completely forget generation who grew up witth that kind of sports. Enhance by the media and famous energy drinks ( https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=mFo-HKKOsXchd=1 ) adventure or extreme sports have become a very important trend for the 20-30 years old. It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity to increase the market share when the only effort you have to make is to make people aware of your complex. Developing the companys assets A wide range of activities, affordables prices, but do they really focus on the essential? People around 50 are attracted by this healthy way of living so why dont they develop a healthy/fitness programme. Mixing sports and dietetic/healthy food as it is the trend nowdays. This strategy is using the current assets of the company in a different way that could be a lot more appealing for customers. Worldwide vision Advertising on a local/national level would be useless for Shearwater as it is already recognize as the number one. What they neeed is a worldwide vision, let people know that they are providing one of the best experience in the adventur industry, and if people are not interested in sport why wont they come for the location in itself. The use of new type of communication such as facebook twitter or threw sponsors (Red bull, Monsters.. ) have already helped the cause of extreme sports and pointed out the fact that people are more than intrested in that kind of leisure. Be a precursor In every single industry, leading companies overcome difficulties by creating their own product and/or creating the demand. In the past few years a lot of new sports have immerged, creating one, could be the chance of an international recognition and healthy finance. Their status of number one is not immutable, they should use their monopoly on the market to create what they think would be the adventure industry of tomorrow. As a reminder, the main question of the case study was â€Å"how to continue to dominate the market while maintaining the reputation as a successful outdoor adventures operator†. The difficulty of chosing a strategy is emphasis by their status of number one, with no comparable company all over the continent the only reasonable choice seems to completely create the wanted path. They got the recognition, the infrastructures as well as a strong leadership. By having a step ahead of the competitions they can maintain their reputation but for how long? To conclude, strenghen by their position, they should choke the competition by redifining what aventure industry means in their own words.